We have started the rooftop rental service of HOTEL S-PRESSO CENTRAL.

We have BBQ stoves, charcoal, tables, chairs, etc., so you can easily enjoy BBQ just by bringing in the ingredients ♪

A feeling of luxury that you can rest in your room as it is if you set it with accommodation! !!

We can also arrange ingredients and drinks upon request. (When using with 4 or more people)

<Available time>
10:00 to 21:00 (last reception 18:00)
Even after 18:00, the charge can be used until 21:00 without changing the charge.

<Maximum number of people available>
12 people

3 hours charter 1 person ¥ 2200
Equipment set ¥ 3300 (BBQ stove, charcoal, tongs, paper plates, disposable chopsticks, 2 garbage bags, 1 cooler box)

If you have any other requests or requests, please feel free to contact us.

Inquiries 06-6643-8801